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My Goals

For the time being, in light of the current Russian / Ukraine situation, all Systema classes have been cancelled.

My Goals

Fusion Health & Fitness offers a variety of fitness classes and therapies across the Surrey & Hampshire area.  The years studying Martial Arts, SystemaTai ChiYoga and Kettlebells have taught Fusion Health & Fitness that as much effort, if not more, should be placed on learning how to heal a person as well as learning how to defeat them. Therefore the Fusion routines are designed to promote movement, flexibility and strength in the body, whilst at the same time calming and focussing the mind.


Fusion also offers sports massage services which are based on Remedial massage techniques and will incorporate disciplines such as Reiki, Acupressure and Systema healing depending on the individual needs of the patient who comes to see us. We can also help you relax and unwind with our Thai massage services.


About me

Glen Robertson

I have always been fascinated by the human body and its ability to heal itself. Different civilisations have developed many methods to assist the body in this role, to promote healing and well being. My practice is based on using some of these time tested schools to help others promote their own recovery and personal development.Following the concept of the total person, I offer sports and remedial massage and Reiki for recovery, plus martial arts, Yoga and Kettlercise for developing the body and mind.


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Tel: 07951 888565


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